Our Doctors

Dr. Heather Waymouth joined Lynnwood Medical Clinic in June 2022. Dr. Heather is a Rheumatologist and sees patients by referral. To find out more about Dr. Heather please visit her site at drheatherwaymouth.ca.

Dr.  Adam Shumate received his MD from University of Calgary Cumming School of Medicine and completed his residency in Family Medicine at University of Alberta.

Dr.  Elsbeth van Arkel

Dr. Patricia Waymouth is available for counselling. The counselling provided is covered by Alberta Health Services.

Dr.  Mark Sosnowski after 40+ years with Lynnwood Medical Clinic Dr. Sosnowski has stepped back from regular practice and is now spending much well deserved time with his family. He is still available to our physicians to assist with any patient related questions and ensure a smooth transition for patients. Though we miss seeing him everyday, and know you do too, we wish him happiness and health in this new season of life.